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Red China Rewarded on MFN Vote
Roll Call Votes and Action Needed


On July 27, 1999, The U.S. House of Representatives refused to end "Most Favored Nation" status (MFN) for Communist China in spite of spying, threats, and very high Chinese taxes on many American goods. 
Action Needed: Check your Congressman's vote below, and call
(202-224-3121), write (Congressman _______, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. 20515), or e-mail to protest a vote for Red China (Voted NAY),  or thank him for voting against MFN (Voted YEA).  Please call radio talk shows or write a letter to the editor and let others know about this vote as well.

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(Republicans in roman; Democrats in italic; Independents underlined)
      H J RES 57, sponsored by: Rep Dana Rohrabacher
    YEA-AND-NAY     27-JUL-1999   3:10 PM
      QUESTION: On Passage
      BILL TITLE: Disapprove Normal Trade Relations with China
NOTE: A YEA Vote is to end MFN (Pro-US), and a NAY vote is to reward China by continuing extremely low import taxes on Red-Chinese imports (Pro-China).

REPUBLICAN 71 150   1
DEMOCRATIC 98 110 1 2
TOTALS 170 260 1 3


--- YEAS  170  (Pro-US) ---
Please thank these Representatives
Abercrombie Gilman Pickering
Aderholt Goode Pombo
Baldwin Goodling Rahall
Ballenger Graham Riley
Barcia Gutierrez Rivers
Barr Hall (OH) Rogers
Bartlett Hastings (FL) Rohrabacher
Barton Hayes Ros-Lehtinen
Bishop Hayworth Rothman
Bonior Hefley Royce
Bono Hilleary Sabo
Borski Hilliard Sanchez
Brady (PA) Hinchey Sanders
Brown (FL) Hobson Sanford
Brown (OH) Horn Scarborough
Burr Hostettler Schaffer
Burton Hoyer Schakowsky
Capuano Hunter Scott
Cardin Hyde Sensenbrenner
Carson Jackson (IL) Sisisky
Chambliss Jones (NC) Smith (NJ)
Chenoweth Jones (OH) Smith (TX)
Clay Kaptur Souder
Clyburn Kasich Spence
Coble Kennedy Spratt
Coburn Kildee Stark
Collins Kilpatrick Stearns
Condit King (NY) Strickland
Cook Kingston Stupak
Costello Klink Sweeney
Cox Kucinich Tancredo
Coyne Lantos Taylor (MS)
Cubin Lee Taylor (NC)
Cummings Lewis (GA) Thompson (MS)
Danner Lipinski Tiahrt
Davis (IL) LoBiondo Tierney
Deal Markey Traficant
DeFazio Martinez Udall (CO)
Delahunt Mascara Udall (NM)
DeLauro McIntyre Velazquez
Diaz-Balart McKinney Vento
Dickey Meek (FL) Visclosky
Doolittle Meeks (NY) Walsh
Doyle Menendez Wamp
Duncan Miller, George Waters
Ehrlich Mink Watt (NC)
Engel Mollohan Waxman
Evans Nadler Weldon (FL)
Everett Ney Wexler
Forbes Norwood Weygand
Fowler Obey Wise
Frank (MA) Olver Wolf
Gallegly Owens Woolsey
Ganske Pallone Wu
Gejdenson Pascrell Wynn
Gephardt Payne Young (AK)
Gibbons Pelosi .


--- NAYS 260 Pro-China  ---
Please call, write, or e-mail and protest their vote
Ackerman Goodlatte Napolitano
Allen Gordon Neal
Andrews Goss Nethercutt
Archer Granger Northup
Armey Green (TX) Nussle
Bachus Green (WI) Ortiz
Baird Greenwood Ose
Baker Gutknecht Oxley
Baldacci Hall (TX) Packard
Barrett (NE) Hansen Pastor
Barrett (WI) Hastert Paul
Bass Hastings (WA) Pease
Bateman Herger Peterson (MN)
Becerra Hill (IN) Petri
Bentsen Hill (MT) Phelps
Bereuter Hinojosa Pickett
Berkley Hoeffel Pitts
Berman Hoekstra Pomeroy
Berry Holden Porter
Biggert Holt Portman
Bilbray Hooley Price (NC)
Bilirakis Houghton Pryce (OH)
Blagojevich Hulshof Quinn
Bliley Hutchinson Radanovich
Blumenauer Inslee Ramstad
Blunt Isakson Rangel
Boehlert Istook Regula
Boehner Jackson-Lee (TX) Reyes
Bonilla Jefferson Reynolds
Boswell Jenkins Rodriguez
Boucher John Roemer
Boyd Johnson (CT) Rogan
Brady (TX) Johnson, E. B. Roukema
Bryant Johnson, Sam Roybal-Allard
Buyer Kanjorski Rush
Callahan Kelly Ryan (WI)
Calvert Kind (WI) Ryun (KS)
Camp Kleczka Salmon
Campbell Knollenberg Sandlin
Canady Kolbe Sawyer
Cannon Kuykendall Saxton
Capps LaFalce Serrano
Castle LaHood Sessions
Chabot Lampson Shadegg
Clayton Largent Shaw
Clement Larson Shays
Combest Latham Sherman
Conyers LaTourette Sherwood
Cooksey Lazio Shimkus
Cramer Leach Shows
Crane Levin Shuster
Crowley Lewis (CA) Simpson
Cunningham Lewis (KY) Skeen
Davis (FL) Linder Skelton
Davis (VA) Lofgren Smith (MI)
DeGette Lowey Smith (WA)
DeLay Lucas (KY) Snyder
DeMint Lucas (OK) Stabenow
Deutsch Luther Stenholm
Dicks Maloney (CT) Stump
Dingell Maloney (NY) Sununu
Dixon Manzullo Talent
Doggett Matsui Tanner
Dooley McCarthy (MO) Tauscher
Dreier McCarthy (NY) Tauzin
Dunn McCollum Terry
Edwards McCrery Thomas
Ehlers McGovern Thompson (CA)
Emerson McHugh Thornberry
English McInnis Thune
Eshoo McIntosh Thurman
Etheridge McKeon Toomey
Ewing McNulty Towns
Farr Meehan Turner
Fattah Metcalf Upton
Filner Mica Vitter
Fletcher Millender-McDonald Walden
Foley Miller (FL) Watkins
Ford Miller, Gary Watts (OK)
Fossella Minge Weiner
Franks (NJ) Moakley Weldon (PA)
Frelinghuysen Moore Weller
Frost Moran (KS) Whitfield
Gekas Moran (VA) Wicker
Gilchrest Morella Wilson
Gillmor Murtha Young (FL)
Gonzalez Myrick .


--- VOTED PRESENT   1 ---
Why did he refuse to take a stand on this national security vote?


--- NOT VOTING   3 ---
Where were they?
McDermott Oberstar Peterson (PA)



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